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Claim a Bishie!
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*clears throat*

The CAB community is under new management! I, The Angelic Minx, will be staying on as a silent partner but the actual running of the comm will be done my saviors:sailor_pluto77, realbooted, and _faded_hope

Please be nice to your new mods for they are now the ones with the Gift Bishie awarding power!

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Here's your chance to Claim A Bishie! Since Bishie is short for both bishonen and bishoujo you can pick an ANIME/MANGA character of either gender...I will also consider select characters from select video games if I feel they fall into the "hot guy" or "pretty gal" category.

* Current Icon provided by anneelise *


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How To Claim:

1) Claim your bishie
2) Anime/Manga it is from (Anime = A, Manga = M)
3) Reason for CLAIM


1) Vash The Stampede
2) Trigun (A)
3) He has a heart of gold...and he's HOT! *winks*

~*~*~ CLAIMS ~*~*~
Check Before Posting

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~*~*~ Da Rules ~*~*~


1...Play nice. Have respect for fellow Bishie collectors.

2...PLEASE check the claims list *points up* before posting your claims!

3...All claims must be made as a post. Comment claims will be ignored.

4...Don't fight over claims. Once it belongs to somebody it cannot belong to you.

5...To keep your claim you MUST remain a member of the community.

6...The Maintaner has the right to give gifties to any members she sees fit.

7...Remember: TWO Claims

8...If a character appears in 2 series or has two forms they are still the same character (ie: young Link & Link, Sailor V & Sailor Venus, various Mario characters) therefore they are a first come first serve situation. Please no arguments stating that it's a different character just because they look different or appear in other shows/games. It makes me grumpy...

9...If you were sent here by someone else, tell us who referred you, and recieve a Gift Bishie!

0...Join our affiliates bishie_rating & sku_rating for a chance to recieve a Gift Bishie! Once you've been rated there and recieve a banner just post your banner in CAB to get your reward!

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