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Return of the Modling 
09:04am 16/03/2007
  You guys, I'm soooooooooooooooo sorry I've been away for so long. I've finally finished school, moved to CO with my parents and am in the middle of a divorce. I'm hoping that this weekend I'll have my computer up and running so that I can take care of the posts that were submitted while I was away.

Again, I'm really really sorry.

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01:27pm 04/03/2007
  Hi, I would like to claim:

1) Madarame Ikkaku
2) Bleach (A)
3) Because he's a Badass <3
1)Randell Oland
2)Pumpkin Scissor
3)Because he's just sweet and makes you feel safe~

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06:53am 20/09/2006
mood: nervous
I noticed that a few members have more than two claims on the list. But if it's not possible to claim more, I'd like to make an exchange instead.

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Hi! My first claim 
01:04am 04/09/2006
mood: Like dancing
Hi everyone! I hope I'm doing this right!

Claiming Riki (1) from Ai no Kusabi (2) because he makes such a sexy unruly pet ^__^ and because I love Toshiko Seki (his seiyuu)

~EDIT~I tried to go back an edit this entry after I submitted it and realized I hadn't referred nurissa, however I couldn't fix it immediately, so I saved a copy of what I wanted to add and now I'm adding it!

I was referred by nurissa to this community.

Claiming Yukiya Ayase (1) from Okane ga nai manga (soon to be anime) (2) because he's so cute and pretty! I just wanna snuggle him! Plus Ishida Akira's voice for him in the drama cd made me melt ^^;;

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Pretty random... :) 
10:26am 11/08/2006
mood: bouncy
It's been a while since I've been here, so I randomly made a banner for the community. ^^;

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My Claims 
09:55pm 28/07/2006
mood: depressed
I hope I do this right...It said 2 claims, so here are my 2...

1) Konzen Douji
2) SaiYuki Gaiden Manga
3) Because I am told I am exactly like him in everyon way and plus he's is really awesome....

1) Iason Mink
2) Ai no Kusabi-A
3) He's totally my type of character (i love the cold-hearted guys) and I heard I am so like him...

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Gift bishie claim! 
05:24am 27/07/2006
mood: bouncy
Yay! Thank you for the gift bishie! ^__^ I've finally decided, and I'd like to claim:

1. Selphie Tilmitt
2. Final Fantasy VIII (game)
3. She's just so utterly adorable! She always sees the bright side of the situations, friendly and hyper.

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04:26pm 21/07/2006
  Hello there! ^__^ Could I please claim ...

1) Denzel
2) Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
3) He's so cute ^____^

1) Precis
2) Star Ocean EX
3) She's uber hyper and kick-ass =D

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01:04am 29/07/2006
  ok, sorry for the lack of updating but I've been studying for a final. As soon as I get home this afternoon from school I'll get the posts that were submitted taken care of. Thanks for your patience.  

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my latest giftie claim 
08:48am 16/07/2006
mood: amused
1) Kuchiki Rukia
2) Bleach (a/m)
3) Cause she's Byakuya's adopted lil sister and she's just very cool

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Gift bishie, yay n_n! 
06:09pm 11/07/2006
mood: bouncy
1) Gamrio Musica
2) Groove Adventure Rave/Rave Master (A)
3) His seiyuu is Shoutarou Morikubo. SUPER AWESOME. *_* And he's so cool and hot! xD *shot*

Wee, thank you once again for the gift bishie! ♥ LOVE! :D

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Community Listing / Affiliate 
03:35am 11/07/2006
  Hello, I am creating a master list of claiming communities over at claiming_comms. If you would like to have this community added to the list, please drop by and comment on the Application Post to let me know.

I ask for applications to be made so I know I have permission to list each community, in case anyone does not want to be added for some reason. Also, if you have any ideas about how to make the list better, please feel free to let me know here.

Thank you very much for your time!

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02:00pm 09/07/2006
mood: embarrassed
Sorry, I didn't realize I had to make a seperate post for this. Anyway, as copied from the comment I made.....

Thank you for the gift bishie! I would like to claim Leo, the Ishbalin boy (he had a younger brother named Rick) from Full Metal Alchemist please. Simply because I think he was adorable and just needed a hug, and the fact that his english dub voice was done by my FAVORITE voice actor of all times (Mike Sinterniklaas) makes him even more cute! :D Thanks so much once again! ^-^

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Gift Bishie Claimage! 
06:18pm 08/07/2006
mood: bouncy
I checked back until the last time the list was updated and didn't see anyone claim him, SO:

1) Yomi
2) Yuu Yuu Hakusho (A)
3) He's blind, has six ears, a bazillion horns, and is dead sexy. And he's totally the perfect type of dad; he pummels his kid when he misbehaves.

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Congrats to the following claimers! 
05:31pm 08/07/2006


I give unto you,
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A Gift Bishie

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01:26am 05/07/2006
Tokyo Mew Mew

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12:16pm 04/07/2006
  HAPPY 4th CAB  

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04:58pm 03/07/2006
mood: hopeful
Please and thanks so much.

First Claim

1) Leon Ailoter
2) Black Cat
3) He is totally cute! Determined,brave and so mature at his age. =D

Second Claim

1) Nanao Ise
2) Bleach
3) She is so smart and funny. XD I really love the way she acts. She is also very calm and loyal!


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Question to mod 
10:46pm 29/06/2006
mood: tired
Do I have a Gift Bishie? I'm sure if I used it or not.

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Gift Bishie :D! 
06:27pm 19/07/2006
  Thanks for the gift! ♥ ! and I'd like to claim ~

1) Tooru Kouno
2) Princess Princess A/M
3) He's just a sweet and kind person, a real gentleman but also someone you could have a really fun and care-free time with. Oh, and he makes an amazing woman too! ♥ !

Thank you again :D!

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